March PosterDear Southern Conference friends and colleagues:  I am sharing with you here a message from Brooks Berndt, the UCC’s Environmental Justice Minister, giving detailed information about the UCC’s presence at the People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29th.  If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please contact Karen Richardson Dunn at  I hope to see you in DC on the 29th!  All blessings to you, and for God’s Creation.

(Begin Brooks’s message):

Dear UCCers coming to the Climate March!

I am excited to share a couple of important updates with you. First, we have solidified the location and time for a service of prayer and sending forth before the march. This ecumenical service will involve the UCC, the Disciples of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America along with Creation Justice Ministries. The service is scheduled for 10 am at Lutheran Church of the Reformation (212 E Capitol Street NE). Here is the Facebook page for the service:

Second, many of you helped select our poster in a vote conducted last week. Some helpful feedback was received in the process. As a result, I had our graphic designer change the color scheme for the poster which received the most votes. You will find the winner attached.

A few notes and reminders:

1)      All faith contingents are to line up at 11 am on 3rd Street between Madison Dr and Jefferson Dr near the Capitol. Our UCC contingent will be part of this. There will be offerings of music as we wait for the march to begin. We will have a marker such as a pole with a UCC sign on it so that everyone can identify our meet up spot. For a visual diagram of the march line-up along with information about nearby metro stations, see:

2)     Our theme is “Be the Church.” If your church owns a “Be the Church” banner, you are invited to bring it. The attached poster will also be available for all who want one.

3)     Green will be our color. Everyone is encouraged to wear it to symbolize the growing life and vitality that our church is bringing to protect God’s creation. If you are ordained, you are encouraged to wear a collar or stole.

4)     For the sake of the environment, you are encouraged to bring your own water. There are no plans for providing water bottles, but there will be water filling stations throughout the march route.

5)     No provisions are being made for lunch, so please plan accordingly.

6)     One important change from my last email: Sticks and poles are allowed — but please, no sticks with pointy ends or exposed nails/screws.

7)     Backpacks and bags are allowed.

8)    For more information on logistics and details pertaining to the schedule, accessibility, parking, etc., please visit:

Finally, if you did not see it, Connie Larkman published another story about the march yesterday:

With gratitude for each of you! Brooks