When the time comes to seek a new pastor or a new call, the Southern Conference stands ready to help.
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UCC Ministry Opportunities

To be considered for an open opportunity, contact the placement coordinator listed to request your Ministerial Profile be send to the church or ministry. The placement coordinator can also provide a copy of the church or ministry’s profile for your review.


Clergy Compensation

In 2007, the UCC published Supporting Our Ministry, a resource to aid churches’ understanding of the compensation categories particular to calling pastoral staff — from salary, housing, benefits and professional expenses to job descriptions, working conditions and call agreements. Along with Conference compensation guidelines, Supporting Our Ministry will help your church’s development of an appropriate compensation package.

Conference Guidelines for a Pastor’s Compensation (2016)

While many factors influence the cash salary a congregation offers, the pastor’s experience remains one of the most important factors. The Southern Conference recommends the following cash salary amounts as a guide; higher salary offers may be made as appropriate.

1–5 years $39,251.62
6–10 years $48,167.44
11+ years $51,974.01
Churches with less than 100 members, or pastors with less than full academic training (college and seminary), typically target a cash salary in the 80% column along with an adjusted benefits package as appropriate. Churches calling pastors with additional employment may negotiate a benefits package best suited to their mutual needs.

In addition to cash salary, the Conference recommends a pastor’s compensation package include —

  • housing — a parsonage or housing allowance of at least 30% of the cash salary*
  • utilities for parsonage
  • UCC pension contribution of 14% of cash salary and housing allowance
  • UCC health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance for the pastor and his/her family
  • professional expense allowance for continuing education, travel, books and subscriptions, etc

UCC pension and insurance benefits are offered through the UCC Pension Boards (800-642-6543, pbucc.org), which can provide current rates based on your pastor’s particular needs.

* NOTE: The pastor alone determines the amount of their overall cash compensation (cash salary plus designated housing allowance) that the church will account as housing allowance for tax purposes. The pastor alone maintains responsibility for documentation and compliance with IRS regulations regarding clergy housing allowance.


If you believe you are being called to authorized ministry, or are a pastor counseling a member discerning a call, the UCC offers several resources that may be of help —
Discerning a Call to Ministry
A page full of resources and links for those considering ministry

The UCC Manual on Ministry
The online version of the UCC minister’s handbook

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