Welcome to the Southern Conference — a diverse community of nearly 200 churches that trace their roots to the earliest days of our nation and the Congregational, Christian, and Evangelical & Reformed traditions.


Foster Faithful Witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
• supporting and encouraging continuing education for clergy
• equipping laity for leadership in the 21st century local church
• building new congregations and nurturing new ministries

Shape a Strong UCC Identity to Bring Glory to God
• building community by bringing together local churches for worship, fellowship and learning
• offering UCC History and Polity education for clergy and lay
• Conference and Association Annual Gatherings

Employ Effective Staffing
Equip and empower local churches for transformative ministry and growth by employing well-educated and trained staff, available to go into the local churches as a quality resource


In June of 2016, the Board of Directors of the Southern Conference agreed to focus on several key mission priorities — seeking to meet the needs of Southern Conference churches and clergy by widening the circle of leadership. By utilizing a variety of leaders, the Conference hope to develop a more efficient model of ministry and better employ financial resources.

Focusing on measurable outcomes, the Conference will prioritize —
• continued development of lay leadership
• youth initiatives
• identifying and gathering 20/30 clergy
• strengthening partnerships with Southern Conference & UCC institutions
• developing creative relational, financial and supportive measures
• identifying what it means to belong to this community of faith

Monday through Thursday
9am — 4pm



252B W Fifth Street
Burlington NC 27215